Portable Jibs

Portable Jibs

Contrx Cranes new fully portable jib crane (patent pending) eliminates any need for the costly site preparation and footing expenses required by conventional floor mount jib cranes. This new design jib is easily transported by fork truck about the shop floor, allowing multiple uses and applications. Now you can have floor jibs that can be used on building upper levels or stored out of the way. Contrx jibs are designed for indoor use, and can be custom-modified for most outdoor applications. Contrx Portable Jibs are available in standard design capacities of 250, 500, and 1000 lb., and boom lengths up to 14 feet.

  • Tagline kits
  • Hoists and trolleys
  • Rotation stops
  • Lifting lugs

Please contact Contrx Cranes to order any of the accessories listed. 920-722-0101

  • Hoists and Trolleys
  • Tagline kits
  • Mounting templates
  • Anchor bolt kits
  • Motorized rotation

Portable Jib Crane Specification Chart (114 KB): Download

Portable Jib Crane Assembly Drawing (227 KB): Link text

Portable Jib Installation Instructions (67 KB): Download