Floor Mount Jib – A Series

Floor Mounted Jib Cranes – “A” Series – up to 5 ton

Our Heavy Duty ‘A’ Series floor mounted jib cranes are designed and constructed for industrial use with years of trouble-free service. The jib crane boom is fabricated out of a steel “S” or “W” shaped I beam and have removable end stops. A machined lower roller carriage is housed in the jib crane head section which feature heavy steel side plates.The lower roller carriage is mounted on adjustable tension bolts to allow for field adjustments. The support column for the jib crane is constructed out of steel pipe with a heavy base plate and reinforcing gussets. Contrx jibs are designed for indoor use, and can be custom-modified for most outdoor applications.

a jib view

Floor Base Plate Mounted Jib Crane With this type of mounting the jib crane column assembly is bolted to a pre-poured concrete foundation with embedded anchor bolts. This style of jb crane mounting will allow 360° rotation of the boom, with under clearances up to 20′-0″ and standard boom lengths up to 20′-0″

Foundation Mounted Jib Crane This method of mounting bolts the jib crane column to a pre-poured concrete footer. Once the jib crane column is plumb and secured to the footer a second concrete pour finishes the jib crane foundation and embeds the jib crane column in the foundation. The remainder of the jib is the same as the base plate mount jib crane.

Sleeve Mounted Jib Crane A sleeve mounted jib crane is similar to the Foundation Mount. Instead of the jib crane column however, a steel sleeve is anchored to the concrete footer and embedded in the concrete foundation. The jib crane column is then inserted into the sleeve, plumbed, and held in place with a set of split collars that are welded to the column, and the embedded sleeve.

  • A – JIBS: up to 5 ton
  • Height Under Boom (HUB): up to 20’
  • Beam lengths: up to 20’
  • Epoxy paint
  • Galvanized
  • Stainless steel
  • Outdoor use
  • Bolt-type base plate (standard)
  • Food Grade Applications – FDA Approved
  • Foundation mount base
  • Sleeve mount base
  • Motorized boom rotation
  • Bottom entry electrical collector – 360⁰ Rotation
  • Top-entry electrical collector – 360⁰ Rotation
  • Wide-flange beam

Please contact Contrx Cranes to order any of the accessories listed. 920-722-0101

  • Hoists and Trolleys
  • Tagline kits
  • Mounting templates
  • Anchor bolt kits
  • Motorized rotation

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  • Heavy Duty Floor Mount (A-Jib) 10, 12, 14 ft – Specification Chart (114 KB):Download
  • Heavy Duty Floor Mount (A-Jib) 16, 18, 20 ft – Specification Chart (114 KB): Download
  • Heavy Duty Floor Mount (A-Jib) Assembly Drawing (227 KB): Download
  • Floor Mount Jib Installation Instructions (67 KB): Download