Contrx Wall Mounted jib cranes are available in three styles, The Full Cantilevered Wall Mount (WMCC), the Overbraced Tie Rod Wall Mount (WMC), and the Telescoping Boom Wall Mount (WLT). Full Cantilevered and Overbraced Tie Rod Wall Mounts have standard boom lengths up to 20′-0″ and capacities up to 6,000 lb. Please contact us for custom WMC and WMCC lengths and capacities. Telescoping Boom Wall Mounts have standard lengths up to 16′-0″ and capacities up to 4,000 lbs.

Overbraced Tie Rod Wall Mount cranes provide economical hook coverage with 180° manual rotation.

Telescoping Boom Wall Mount cranes can be easily retracted with extended boom reaches up to 16′ available.

This style of wall mount is ideal when maximum head room is needed for your lifting application. The boom has 180 degrees of manual rotation. Contact the factory for other options and accessories.

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