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helecopterIt’s a common issue that leads to big problems; workers overlook or purposely ignore the warnings signs that indicate a decline in crane performance. Many crane performance characteristics and safeguards diminish slowly with continued use. These changes are nearly imperceptible to regular users and are easily missed over time. Regularly scheduled inspections can help your business avoid the risk.

Failing to schedule regular inspections or delaying repairs can be hazardous. On many new-customer inspections, our personnel hear alarming comments from employees such as, “We’ve been nursing this crane along for a while now” or “It’s not working right, but they’ll wait until this crane gets really bad before they call somebody.” Unfortunately, someone may even have the attitude that, “I’m not sure what’s all wrong with this crane, just as long as it lasts through my shift!”

There is simply too much at stake to ignore or avoid regular inspections. If a crane is not performing properly you are losing production efficiency and may not even realize it. Even a slight problem with an overhead crane is no small matter. The cost associated with a service call, inspection, or repair is small in comparison to production losses, downtime, damaged goods, or the potential for injury. By scheduling regular maintenance and addressing repairs in a timely manner you can save your organization from fines and penalties, and create a proficient and safe work environment.

If your crane, hoist, electrical, rigging, or sling equipment are showing signs of wear, it’s time for a professional service call. Contact the professionals at Contrx Technical Services to schedule an inspection or service appointment – 1-800-242-8349.

Contrx Tech goes above and beyond certified inspection, with electrical service & repair, emergency troubleshooting, equipment moves and formal lock out/tag out procedure programs. We offer scheduled maintenance contract plans and have 24-hour emergency customer service.

Emergency Service:  Eric Clauss, 920-585-9513   or   Mike Voigt, 920-385-8982

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