customer_service-001How do you go about forming such a relationship? By remembering the one true secret of good customer service and acting accordingly; “You will be judged by what you do, so do what you say.”A good sales person can sell anything to anybody…once. It is ‘Customer Service’ that determines whether or not you’ll be able to sustain a strong, viable business relationship – a relationship that that individual customer feels is beneficial and comfortable to pursue.

Too simple? Not really, because providing good customer service IS a simple thing. Your customer is looking to fill a need or solve a problem. They are looking for a trusted source that they enjoy working with and can rely on to help them through that process.

Some simple things to instill good customer service;

  • Answer your phone – a real person with a real smile on their face
  • Keep your promise – Don’t over promise
  • Take the extra step – Do over-deliver
  • Listen to your customers – understand what they are saying
  • Be helpful
  • Learn – every customer interaction is an opportunity for knowledge

Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s responsibility. ~ Anonymous

Merely satisfying customers will not be enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of their repeat business and referral. Understand these factors. ~ Rick Tate

The customer’s perception is your reality. ~ Kate Zabriskie

Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do, if you are to bring it to your customer interactions. ~ Betsy Sanders

Product or price can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied. ~ Jerry Fritz

Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. ~ Donald Porter

Good service is good business. ~ Siebel Ad

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