Project:  Sale Of Jet & Powermatic Industrial Equipment To The Winneconne High School Industrial Technology Expansion – S.T.E.A.M.

Jacob Sagorac stands proudly with Winneconne High School Industrial Technology Teacher Chris Arps in front of their new Edwards 40 Ton Iron Worker.  Jake, a senior at Winneconne High is excited to have participated with the sale and be able to use the new Iron Worker before he leaves for College at Fox Valley Tech.  The Iron Worker was one of a few pieces of JPW (Jet, Powermatic, Wilton) pieces of Equipment that Winneconne High School purchased from All-Lift Systems-Contrx Industries for their new Industrial Technology expansion.  Jason Sagorac All-Lift’s Vice President of Sales & Operations commented that, “It was great working with Winneconne High & their fine staff, the equipment they purchased shows the wide diverse product line that our company offers other than Overhead Hoists & Cranes.  Winneconne’s Industrial Technology program has grown exponentially since I graduated from Winneconne High.  This shows just how strong Winneconne’s S.T.E.A.M program is and its educators commitment to their students, we are so very lucky that All-Lift Systems was able to help!”  In addition to the Edwards Iron Worker the High School also purchased a Powermatic 3520B Wood Lathe, Powermatic 15 HH Helical Head Wood Planer, and a Jet 12” Bench Top Drill Press.

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