Manufacturing Facility Bluewater Safety Rail Installation

Completion Date:  Three Phase Project (Phase One Mid July & Phase Two End Of August)

Project:  Provide Layout / Design Work then install 1,881.5 lineal feet of Bluewater Safety Rail around multi levels of roof perimeter at a large manufacturing facility in Oshkosh.  All-Lift Systems install team of Bob Rank, Jeff Graves, and Larry Baird completed phase one of the three phase project in Mid-July.  Jason & Jacob Sagorac teamed up with Jeff & Bob to complete phase two at the end of August which required the use of a 90 ton capacity long reach mobile crane.  “Jason Sagorac Vice President of Sales & Operations commented that the installation crews worked very hard, we are proud of the work they did, and that there is no project Big Or Small that the hardworking dedicated staff at All-Lift Systems-Contrx Industries can’t handle!! “

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