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Endless Roundslings

  • Designed especially for easy use and durability
  • Chokes much better than standard slings and releases earlier
  • Soft and pliable – conforms well to irregularly shaped loads
  • Double jacket protects load-bearing fibers
  • Tagged for easy identification

Made of 100% polyester fiber in an endless or continuous loop.  Double covered sling has superior strength and durability.  Lightweight and easy to handle, store, and clean.  Provides excellent resistance to ultra-violet rays and resists many acids (not alkalis).

Care and Use

Temperature: Manufactured from polyester, round slings are seriously degraded at temperature above 200 degrees.

Improper Loading: Shock loading, unbalanced loading, overloading and inadequate consideration for the effect of angle factors can adversely affect strength.

Cuts, Punctures, Abrasions: When sleeves on a round sling has been damaged so that the inner load bearing yarns can be exposed, the sling MUST be removed from service.

Chemicals: Round slings must not be exposed to fumes, vapor sprays, mists or liquids of alkaline, aldehydes, ethers or concentrated sulfuric acid.

Foreign Matter: Material such as metal chips, weld splatter, heavy grit, etc. can damage round slings.

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