Memo to Distributors Concerning Loss and Damage Claims
FORM:  CX110491

All merchandise is sold F.O.B. Contrx Factory, Neenah, WI. Title to the merchandise is transferred to the Distributor at the time the Carrier accepts the shipment. Any claims for loss, damage, or tracers for lost items in transit MUST BE FILED BY THE DISTRIBUTOR WITH THE CARRIER. Suitable copies of Bill of Lading will be furnished upon request if the Distributor has occasion to file a claim with the carrier.

There are three types of claims that occur on shipments to customers.

  1. Loss or short delivery
  2. Visible damage at time of delivery.
  3. Concealed damage noted after delivery

There are three steps to take before signing a carrier delivery receipt.

  1. Count the number of pieces and compare against count on the freight bill
  2. Visually inspect each piece for damage.
  3. Read the labels and packing slips to be sure the freight belongs to you.

Loss or Short on Delivery

  1. If the shipment is not received within ten working days after the known ship date, contact Contrx Customer Service for the shipping information necesary for you to file a tracer.
  2. If a shipment is delivered short and the shortage is not delivered within 48 hours, contact Contrx Customer Service for the shipping information so you can file a tracer.

Visible Damage at Time of Delivery

  1. DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT or return damaged merchandise to CONTRX without authorization
  2. The customer should immediately inspect the damage with the driver.
  3. The specific damage should be noted on both the customers copy and the carrier copy of the freight bill. The driver should sign both copies.
  4. Set the damaged merchandise aside and contact the carrier for an inspection.

Concealed Damage Noted After Delivery

  1. Concealed damage must be reported to the carrier as soon as possible.
  2. Call the carrier for an inspection.
  3. Follow the same procedure as for visible damage at the time of delivery.
  4. Any freight transferred after delivery that may have concealed damage is not recoverable by the carrier or CONTRX

Filing the Claim

  1. There are four basic documents necessary to support your claim.There is a nine-month statute from date of receipt for filing a loss or damage claim.
    1. Delivery receipt with noted exceptions.
    2. Inspection report from the carrier.
    3. Cost of part to repair the damage. (Repair Invoice)
    4. CONTRX invoice showing the cost of the product.
  2. Contrx Customer Service Department will provide any information or assistance to help resolve a loss or damage claim you have filed.

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