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How to select and order the proper chain sling

  1. Determine the weight and configuration of the load(s) to be lifted
  2. Determine the type of chain sling required (see page 14 on the US Sling Catalog), according to weight and configuration
  3. Determine the size of the body chain according to the working load limits on page 14. Be sure to take into consideration the effect of the required angle.
  4. Determine the reach required to give the desired angle. The reach is measured from the upper bearing surface of the master link to the bearing surface of the lower attachment. If chain slings are to be used in pairs and are to be matched for reach, please indicate when orderin
  5. Be sure to specify type, size and reach when ordering chain slings

*Working load limit: The working load limit is the maximum load in pounds which should ever be applied to chain, even when chain is new, and when load is uniformly applied in direct tension to a straight length of chain.

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